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Recommendations for beginners.

Game on stock exchange — necessary and sufficient minimum information for beginning traders

If you have not played on the stock exchange, then you absolutely do not need to learn this on your own mistakes, losing your money and priceless time both on the first often unsuccessful games, and on all sorts of courses and trainings in which there is usually much more water than rational grains. You can play for free here at first on historical data, and then in real time (but without investing your funds), in the latter case using in conjunction both the Stock trading program and the demo version of the Trader workstation, access to which provided by the majority online brokers. And then start real speculations in stocks, having for this both the necessary experience, and certain knowledge and skills developed in such non-binding free games. And be sure that if you start earning in imitations, then the same will happen in reality. Also, from the first steps along this path, you will not have to get deeply into the numerous and contradictory stock exchange analytics. In fact, some quite original analysis of the US stock market is simply embedded in the algorithms of this program , and you check it not by reading dry summaries, but by viewing demonstrative graphs. At the same time, nothing prevents you from re-checking everything with the help of articles on exchange subjects, but you will be based on the specific recommendations for buying shares and adequate price charts for these shares, rather than comparing one stock market report with others.

Торговля акциями на бирже онлайн Here shows how to resell shares on the stock exchange, as well as is given advices on how to first learn how to make a profit in imitations of speculation in stocks, which is the first and main step on the way to real earnings of good money in the stock market.

Buying and selling shares of the US stock market with help of Trader workstation

Before you try to start earning on stock market shares, it is absolutely necessary to have some (and quite long!) time to work with the demo version of Trader workstation. Trader workstation is a universal trading platform, allowing, among other things, to resell shares. There are other similar platforms, but we will stay here on it. And the beginner should start with the trade in the underlying asset — shares, therefore, we will not dwell here in detail on derivative financial instruments, such as options.

Access to the demo version of the Trader workstation is provided by most online brokers of the US stock market.

The shortcut of the demonstration version of Trader workstation has a tendency to disappear from the desktop of the computer after a while (when this application will consider that you probably already have enough free demonstrations), but this problem is easily solved by directly launching the executable file. In Windows this is the tws.exe file in the installation directory of this application Jts (in case of downloading the demo version from Interactive Brokers).

In the Mosaic interface, included there by default, an order for the buy or sale of shares of any company is very simple. In the "Order entry" window, by default located in the upper left corner of the screen, a ticker (that is, the company's short name) is entered, after which the item "Stock (SMART)" is selected in the appeared menu:

Order for buy or sale of shares
Resale of shares

After that choose a buy or sell by clicking on the corresponding button. Then you enter the number of shares that you intend to buy or sell, by choosing from the drop-down list, by entering from the keyboard or pasting from the clipboard the quantity you need from my Stock trading program:

Buy or sell shares

After selecting the quantity, you need to set the price at which the transaction will be performed. To do this, click on the "Limit" field and select the price from the offered ones or enter it from the keyboard:

Share prices

(This price then can be transferred via the clipboard into my Stock trading program.)

Then you need to click the "Submit" button, after which the window with the details of your order will be displayed:

Order for resale of shares

To confirm the order, click the "Transmit" button. Thus, a standard limit order will be issued, valid until the end of the current trading session.

When placing a order, it appears in the "Activity" window on the lower left of the screen, and when it is executed (which can happen quite quickly), it is indicated by a check mark as executed:

Executed resale request

An executed order cannot be removed or changed. It was traded, which can be viewed in the window under the tab "Trades" in the same left lower part of the screen:

Trades for reselling shares

You can also view all transactions in summary by selecting the "Summary" tab:

Transactions on purchase and sale of shares

If the order is not yet executed, then it is possible to cancel it by clicking the "Cancel" button or to change it by right-clicking on the order and selecting "Modify" → "Ticket Order" from the drop-down menu:

Cancel order for reselling shares

Orders for a large number of shares can be executed by several trades.

If the order is executed, a corresponding message appears in the lower right corner of the screen for a short time:

Execution of order for resale of shares

The results of transactions are reflected in your investment portfolio:

How to play in stock exchange online

By right-clicking on the position in the portfolio, you can go to the order entry or close this position (by selling all existing shares in this position) by selecting the appropriate action from the menu "Buy", "Sell" or "Close":

Purchase or sale of shares

To earn on shares in imitations of game on a stock exchange — the first step of the beginning trader

Start with this, and if you can earn on shares in such imitations of the game on the exchange, then the same will almost certainly happen in reality, since the delay in the demo version of Trader workstation compared to the real version is not that big, and the classic game in the rebound is designed for days, not minutes and hours, as is done in scalping.

If to use my recommendations for purchase and skillfully diversify the purchases, then, based on the high percentage of guessing in these recommendations, you will seldom get lose. And to exercise in this (that is such diversification of investments) it is possible and it is necessary long enough. It is also necessary to gain sufficient experience in determining the correct moments of sales, which will be greatly facilitated by the daily work with the sales module of the Stock trading program and related additional services specially created for this module.

It's easy to see that after practicing a little with the trading platform, then even in real time you can train in reselling shares only in my Stock trading program, taking current quotes, for example, from Yahoo-finance. Not to mention the rich opportunities to play on the historical data in it.

But I do not impose anything here, so you can go your own way, including guided by your intuition, often so necessary in the exchange games.

Real time share trading

So, we summarize the said above. In the demo version of Trader workstation, there is only a small and not very important lag of quotations (to get rid of which and in the commercial version of this platform at most brokers should be paid, as and they pay to exchanges for quotations and other real-time information), so if you learn how to resell shares there, then after that game online for real money for you will not be a big complexity. At the same time, for a game on rebound, which by definition is a game on the exchange in the medium-term perspective, this lag does not have too much significance, especially given that there is a separate column in the table of sale section of the Stock trading program that is highlighted in blue, signaling the highest possible the purchase price for the threshold set by you in the settings of this program for the fall of the share price, and in addition to it there is a corresponding software lock that does not allow to exceed this price. And the standard limit order, the input of which was considered above, will not allow to make a purchase for a price that does not suit you (that is, too high).

Other useful information for beginners

Before you start non-virtual speculation in shares, it will be useful to study this subject a little. First of all, you should get a brief information about the US stock exchanges and trades on them. But here the main thing is not to bury yourself too much in the vast layers of secondary things in many respects, because otherwise you risk getting a kind of "grief from the mind" that has never helped anyone in difficult spheres of human activity.

It will be interesting to learn about some pitfalls in the buying and selling of shares. But in fact, reefs and icebergs in the always troubled sea of the stock market are not so many, especially this refers to the game on the shares in a rebound in the medium term, about which is said quite a lot and detailed here.

To make good money almost no risk in the securities market is quite realistic

To make good money almost without risk is possible only when you really have a lot of experience in successful imitation games with securities. It is common knowledge that in the game form of learning new knowledge and skills are acquired and simpler, and faster, and better. And here there is everything necessary for such game training. First of all, this is Stock trading program. Also important is an adequate graphical viewer, which, apart from the very useful visualization of the data, also nourishes your intuition, without which the stock exchange games are often unsuccessful. Do not be lazy to spend a fair amount of time on all this, after which the real game on the stock market will only be the next pleasant game stage with quite likely good monetary bonuses.

Summary about the game on the stock exchange for beginners.

Gambling in stock market for beginners — quick and confident start

Beginner can to learn how to gamble on stock exchange very quickly and painlessly, if from the outset will understand the main points of this field of activity. And there are not so many of them, and, in principle, they are not so complicated. Let us dwell on them briefly. In US stock market is focused a fairly significant part of all the world's money, in it is quoted more than ten thousand companies and exchange traded funds whose shares prices in most cases constantly fluctuates, and very often and in large numbers there are situations when after a fairly significant reduction in the price of shares, within a short period of time thereafter (no more than one or two months, often less than a month), this price grows, quite often quite significantly. Therefore, if you will learned buy shares at the moments of falling prices, while competently diversifying such purchases (which can be learned only from personal experience), and then not be greedy in a situation where the stock price is greater than the purchase price, and sell them in time (and it is possible to learn this only on personal experience), then your investments in stocks will be quite often win-win or at least they will occur with an almost minimal possible risk. And this online application will help you acquire this priceless experience without investing money, when you at first learn to play at shares on historical data, and then go to the simulation game on the shares in real time, but without investing money.

Further, if you want, you can expand this experience on a much larger amount of data provided in a paid unlimited account, the monthly payment for the use of which is substantially less than the usual losses for the same period of time of beginning players on the exchange.

And only when you learn how to earn in imitations of speculation in shares, you can safely and confidently, and with a fairly high probability of success, start earning in reality.

In fact, the main stumbling block for beginners is the initial material for reflection and the first experiments, namely exactly what stocks can be bought at the moment. And here practically breaks down the most people who have started play in the stock market. Therefore, at the initial stage, as much as possible other people's recommendations for the purchase of shares are categorically needed, and means for assessing and verifying these recommendations are extremely desirable — well, at least the opportunity to quickly look at the shares prices graphs from these recommendations. Both the source material in the form of recommendations for the purchase of shares, as well as the means of its verification, are abundantly provided here both on a free and on a paid basis. By the way, only adequate shares prices graphs provided here (including the ability quickly to leaf the shares prices graphs from daily recommendations for the purchase of shares) is in fact not such a trivial thing, since very often for any sage (in the form of often specifically biased exchange analysts) rather simple — simple, but adequate, shares prices graphs. And Stock trading program, which, in fact, is a universal tool for learning to gamble in the stock market for beginners, will provide you with other means of evaluation and verification, suitable both for acquiring the skills of imitative exchange games, and for gambling online on real money.

Investments in securities of the US stock market with almost no risk

Investments in securities of the stock market are successful only when you clearly understand what and when you do. At the same time, in the excitement of direct play for real money, only a few can learn this clear understanding in their first and often bitter experiences, therefore inexorable statistics show that more than 90% of beginning traders do not earn anything, or earn little, or lose on the stock exchange in the nines and ashes.

Therefore, to learn to invest in securities easier, faster, and much more stressless possible only in the gaming teaching form. And this stage should be quite lengthy, but this is the price that must be paid to continue to play on real time (and actually not a novice!) almost without risk. At the same time, no theoretical or practical (including algorithmic) developments will ever be able to achieve the level of risk minimization that can be achieved on the basis of a rich experience multiplied by intuition. An interesting illustration of this is Robert Musil's novel "A Man Without Properties" which is written almost a hundred years ago, where a refined intellectual mathematician honestly admits to himself that he could not, despite all his vaunted intellect, achieve at least remotely such success in business as his semi-literate father, possessing an innate business acumen and powerful intuition multiplied by a constant hard work to extract profit (almost as an end in itself!).

To start your practice of investing in securities you need from a underlying asset — shares — and only then you can proceed to conclude option contracts.

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