Daily recommendations for buying shares with the high percentage of guessing

On average, in 9 cases out of 10, the price of shares bought under my recommendations becomes more than the purchase price within the next month after their acquisition.

And there is everything here for your impartially checking of this both real-time and on historical data.

Wherein real-time verification can be carried out easily and quickly and in the simulation mode, that is, without investing real money and risks associated with it.

You can check my daily recommendations in the multipurpose Stock trading program, which, in addition, can also greatly facilitate your speculation in the shares of the US stock market and save a lot of your time.

Every day there are quite many free recommendations for buying shares, so you have the opportunity to make a rich choice to properly diversify your investments.

There is much more such recommendations for paid user accounts.

Recommendations for the purchase of shares are created automatically after the ended regular trading day in the US stock market with the help of the original author's algorithm, appear around 3 am on New York time and refer to the next (coming) trading day.

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What is offered here

Reliable advices
for buying of shares

Guessing in them exceeds 85% over many years for more than 9,000 companies and exchange traded funds.
Buying shares recommendations

Calculation of guessing

The algorithm for creating recommendations for the purchase of shares was tested over several years for thousands of companies and exchange traded funds, and both month-by-month and year-on-year, the stock price rose continuously during the next month after purchasing in more than 85% of cases.

Adequate graphs
of US shares prices

That is, those that are not over-stretched up like rubber on almost the entire possible height of the screen.
Buying shares recommendations

The basis of such graphs

Such adequacy is achieved is achieved through following: each trading day on horizontal corresponds to a 1% increase in the price of shares vertically, and for 100% the minimum price of shares in the period under consideration is taken. This allows to display large price fluctuations only where they really are.

Unique program
for stock speculation

Which will provide you with a lot of filters, graphs and reports and will make trading stocks quick and convenient.
Buying shares recommendations

Main principle of the program

The program is based on my recommendations for the purchase of shares, but you can use your trading strategies by entering the relevant data. In the program was done everything to maximally facilitate and accelerate the speculation in stocks and make this process clear and informative.

Ability to play
on historical data

That will allow you to learn how to speculate in stocks without the risk of losing money or enrich your experience.
Buying shares recommendations

What is it for?

Speculations on shares with almost guaranteed profit or a stable earning on options can only be based on extensive experience. This experience at playing on historical data can be obtained much faster and incomparably painless than when working out their strategies in real time and on real money.

Recommendations for buying shares of the US stock market
on May 27, 2022

  1. AVGO,
  2. CAG,
  3. CIG,
  4. GOOG,
  5. HSY,
  6. IEP,
  7. IIVI,
  8. MKC,
  9. SJM,
  10. THC

These recommendations fall under the terms of the License agreement on granting the rights to use the online application "Stock recommendations and services for speculations in shares of the US stock market".

#TickerStock/fundCompany nameSphere of activitySubsphere of activityExchangeClose
1AVGOstockBroadcom LimitedTechnologySemiconductorsNASDAQ550.66
2CAGstockConAgra Foods Inc.Consumer Non-DurablesPackaged FoodsNYSE32.98
3CIGstockComp En De Mn Cemig ADSPublic UtilitiesElectric Utilities: CentralNYSE2.51
4GOOGstockAlphabet Inc.TechnologyComputer Software: Programming Data ProcessingNASDAQ2165.92
5HSYstockHershey Company (The)Consumer Non-DurablesSpecialty FoodsNYSE209.54
6IEPstockIcahn Enterprises L.P.EnergyIntegrated oil CompaniesNASDAQ51.28
7IIVIstockII-VI IncorporatedCapital GoodsElectronic ComponentsNASDAQ58.25
8MKCstockMcCormick & Company IncorporatedConsumer Non-DurablesPackaged FoodsNYSE91.96
9SJMstockJ.M. Smucker Company (The)Consumer Non-DurablesPackaged FoodsNYSE125.65
10THCstockTenet Healthcare CorporationHealth CareHospital/Nursing ManagementNYSE65.52

Shown 10 of 29 possible.

You can see  Graphs of shares prices  for all the above tickers.

To view graphs, you need to install a browser that supports flash.

Next recommendations will appear about via:

(The remaining time is calculated based on the completion time of the last calculation of purchase recommendations.
Last calculation completed at May 27, 2022 at 3:26:01 EST.)

Free and paid services
for successful stock speculations

Buying shares recommendations


Composing a list of free recommendations by a rather complex random sample from a full list of paid recommendations.

For free

The basic functionality of all services is free. And you quite successfully and for a long time can use them. In them, there are only limits on the number of daily recommendations for buying shares and the number of operations in the Stock trading program.

Buying shares recommendations


For a relatively small fee, you will very quickly learn to speculate in stocks with little or no risk of losing money.


In the paid version, there are much more recommendations for the buying of shares and there are no restrictions on the weekly number of operations in the Stock trading program. When playing on historical data, a full list of recommendations for buying will be used.

 Adequate graphs of shares prices 

To view graphs, you need to install a browser that supports flash.

When buying or selling shares or making option contracts an adequate graphical viewer is very useful, that is, a program for creating and viewing shares prices graphs in which even small price fluctuations do not look like high peaks and bottomless abysses, which is quite often seen in many even very authoritative sources, where graphs just like rubber is maximally stretched up almost to the entire possible height of the screen, which inevitably distorts the real picture of prices. And, I think, this is done there not always accidentally, because in addition to the native economic and geopolitical factors affecting the stock market, there is still a lot of it artificial forcing of the situation (exacerbation and deliberate distortion), up to the constant coordinated work of entire PR teams "optimists" and "pessimists" of the market, which inevitably leads to its rather significant speculativity. So my plotter is based on the following quite important principle: one percent of increase in the stock price from the minimum of the viewed period vertically corresponds to one trading day horizontally. Only with this method of constructing graphs (or similar to it) is achieved this necessary adequacy, that is, the display of large price fluctuations only where it exists, and the categorical absence of large amplitudes in the graphs with small price fluctuations (which are observed just when the graphs are vertically over-stretched).

In the plotter you can view and 2 graphics at a time (with the overlay of one graph on another), calculate the correlation between them, superimpose the stock indexes and quarterly surprises on the prices graphs of shares, and much more.

Just viewing the adequate shares prices graphs presented here is often one of the best tools in a difficult matter of selecting shares for purchase, including because qualitative data visualization helps both in system analysis and feeds your intuition, which is very important when playing in stock market. But it is much faster and more convenient to perform such viewing not on thousands of tickers every day, but on some sample of promising (from the point of view of their purchase) tickers. In view of the fact that my recommendations for the purchase of shares are accompanied by the corresponding stock prices graphs, you can use the review of these schedules for additional selection already among them. Especially great opportunities for this are provided in paid recommendations.

Shares prices graphs

 Stock trading program 

The main services for shares trading, realizing my stock market predictions, are concentrated in the Stock trading program. It is multifunctional and allows you to trade shares not only by my recommendations, but also by your own trading strategies, that is, it is very convenient tool for playing on stocks both in real time and on historical data. The program allows you to easily, quickly and visually select stocks that have fallen in price, for purchase. In this case, my recommendations for buying shares in the purchase module of this program are filtered by your own settings. Also you can fix in this program the purchase of shares of any company on any day, even if this company is not in my recommendations for a purchase for this day. You can quickly view the shares prices graphs of all companies and exchange traded funds from any recommendation to purchase for any trading day. This is done in a special graphical module, which includes only tickers from a specific recommendation for a purchase created for a particular day, minus those tickers that you excluded manually or by using optional software filters. The program will signal to you that it's time to sell the shares you bought earlier in case they exceed their price threshold set by you. In addition, the sales module will warn you that it's time to sell shares, the price of which has not exceeded the amount you want, but there are signs that it may soon fall. Along with the graphs, various reports are also provided for both buying and selling shares.

The program has a lot of other functions, you can get acquainted with them in detail here.

Speculation in stocks in the medium term through this stock trading program is almost guaranteed profitability of your investments.

 This almost guaranteed profitability of the purchase and sale of shares has 3 constituents that are very easy to unite with the assistance of this program:
  1. ¹
     the high percentage of guessing in my daily buying recommendations;
  2. ²
     skillful diversification of your purchases, which is extremely easy to achieve, again, with the help of this program;
  3. ³
     a competent definition moments of selling, in which this program will also help you.

The module of purchases of this program can be useful also at the conclusion of option contracts, including when buying call options, especially taking into account that on average in 9 out of 10 cases the price of shares from everyday purchase recommendations increases during the next month.

For free account there is a weekly limit on the total number of operations in the program. But this limit is large enough for you to successfully and longly be able to engage in the purchase and sale of shares of the US stock market and in free of charge.

Stock trading program

Playing on historical data

The Stock trading program allows you to play on historical data since January 2013. This will provide you with a unique opportunity to quickly learn how to speculate in US stock market shares (if you are a beginner), or substantially enrich your share buying and selling experience (if you already have one). Moreover, there are not so many exchange traders with so much experience and phenomenal memory about it, who would not be useful the opportunity to look in descriptive regime at the market state in the past, including the recent one.

Playing on historical data, if you are a beginner or a novice trader, will help you learn how to trade stocks with little or no risk of losing money, including because it's fairly easy to develop skills for skilful diversification of purchases of shares. Similarly to playing on historical data, you can do the same in real time, but in a simulation mode, that is, without investing money. This, in turn, will further expand and enrich your experience.

Practically a win-win option for earnings on shares is a game in rebound, which is very easy to learn exactly when playing on historical data or in real-time share purchase and sale simulations. More on this...

Playing on shares in rebound will bring you a stable income with quite good probability

Playing on shares in rebound Playing on shares in rebound is such an trading strategy strategy, which even with a small diversification of investments allows you to speculate with shares almost without risk and almost always get practically guaranteed income.

This online application allows you to implement a variety of strategies for trading stocks, and can also be very useful for the conclusion of options contracts. But first of all it is necessary for a medium-term game in a rebound, that is, such speculation in stocks when stocks are bought during a fairly large drop in their price, and then it is expected increase in price after such a reduction, at a certain stage of which they are sold with profit. And my recommendations for buying shares are primarily sharpened just for such a game in a rebound, and even so that this period of increment was as small as possible — not more than a month after the purchase, and therefore the return on investment could be obtained as early as possible. Similarly, very much of the diverse functionality of the Stock trading program was created specifically for this purpose.

To play on shares in rebound under fundamental wave form of the stock market and high degree of its speculativity is easy, simple and often quite profitable

The basis of the US stock market in its current form is its wave form (that is, constant and often quite significant — more than 5% — fluctuations in stock prices), in the light of which even strong political influences on it are by nature secondary in comparison with this fundamental waviness, without which the market in its present form can not exist.

In the case of the US stock market, we are dealing with the law of large numbers, that is, with thousands of companies on hundreds of trading days. Very conditionally we will single out some abstract average statistical company and show that even huge political upheavals are secondary here. Let's say there is a shock that crashed the whole market. The company's shares are falling. But how much can they fall? Not to zero: since it is statistically average, then the market simply died, if to zero. Let's say a stock prices fluctuates plus or minus a couple of percent a long time (for example, after it has fallen dramatically). Then why do need all these exchanges, brokers, traders and even stocks? Is it that except to receive dividends or purchase and sale of its share in the capital of companies? But then the companies themselves can trade their securities with an almost unchanged market value, because trading on the stock exchange makes sense only at constantly changing prices. Suppose the stock is growing. How much can they grow? To infinity? No. Or will they grow up and stop? Also no.

When there are daily trades for millions of securities on almost any ticker, and during the day the ask and bid prices constantly change, it also has a significant impact on waviness of the price movement. That is, the price changes incessantly depending on the activity of traders.

Of course, , bad or, conversely, good quarterly reports of companies, changes in commodity prices for companies that depend on them, information about future major changes in specific companies, etc. — all this affects the value of securities, but all this is secondary in comparison with the fundamental wave form of the stock market.

Therefore, the playing on shares in a rebound with even a minimal diversification of investment is profitable in many cases, because for very many falls (even according to the same law of large numbers), very often after them the ups are followed, and quite quickly (in many cases). If you take the time to learn how to "get into such cases" in imitation games, including in real time, and not by very dangerous for your wallet by trial and error in online bidding, then you will not lose anything except this time, and what you can get — judge for yourself...

Income from investments in securities of the USA stock market is just a matter of experience

The income from investments in securities on a regular basis can only be obtained when you have worked out a certain reliable investment scheme, and many times run it out, in order to avoid losing money, on historical data. One such scheme, namely, the game in a rebound, is briefly outlined here. But nothing prevents you from inventing your own (or adapting someone else's) scheme for making a profit from investing in securities of the stock market, and working it out on historical data can be done with the services provided by this online application.

If you are new to the game on the exchange

Start speculating stock in the US stock market is very simple. Herewith free and paid services provided here will help you avoid financial losses compared to the most common among beginners trial and error method in real trading on the stock exchange. These services in many ways are designed specifically for beginners, herewith had giving a maximum of demonstrative information that can come in handy and for experienced market participants. And exactly the capabilities to play on historical data, many ready-made recommendations for the purchase of shares for many years and adequate stock price charts are the material on which you can learn everything yourself very quickly and qualitatively, while not blindly following the recipes of others, but developing your abilities in this sphere.

Getting stable profit from stock speculations are possible only on the basis of extensive experience based on skilful forecasting of the behavior of shares. And here you have a unique opportunity to acquire this invaluable experience even for free, and per the amount, often significantly less than the monthly losses of novice traders, to acquire a much more extensive experience.

More detailed information for beginners is located here.

Custom programming

Here you can order web-application, online game, original site, mobile application or desktop program of any complexity.
More detailed... Web applications and sites will be developed on Php + MySQL + Html5 + CSS + Javascript (including jQuery), without using free CMS, but with the ability to use Bootstrap for the speed of adaptive layout. Windows applications will be made on Delphi. Cross-platform applications with rich graphics capabilities are made on Adobe AIR — they will run on Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS Games: client - Flash or Javascript, server - Php + MySQL; board games on Adobe AIR. Mobile applications for Android, iOS and Windows Phone are created on Html5 + CSS + Javascript with the subsequent compilation using Intel XDK into the installation apk-, ipa- and appx-files.

Paid services, contacts

A full list of daily recommendations for buying shares can be found here. It is paid, and the login and password in it is used from the Stock trading program, that is, in order to use it, you just need to get an unlimited users account.

The monthly fee for using an unlimited account is $100.

In the Stock trading program and for free accounts, it is possible to check in detail and reliably the percentage of guessing of paid recommendations for the purchase of shares. For free accounts, in this case, paid recommendations are not shown only for the last week.

Using a paid unlimited account will allow you to significantly expand your experience in the game on the stock exchange, which in the end will lead to a reduction in losses for real purchases and sales of securities of the US stock market - to a reduction incommensurably greater than the cost of such a paid account. Thus, to buy shares on the exchange with almost no risk — this is quite realistic, if you every day have a lot of recommendations to buy, and they will be quite high quality. That is, as everywhere, here it is very important capability of choose, and as wide and qualitative as possible. And the possibility of this choice is present daily in paid recommendations.

To receive the requisites for payment of an unlimited user account or to order program, you can contact me using the following form:

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