Complicated web applications and fast sites quickly and qualitatively.

You can order here an application of any complexity, fast handmade website or original game.

Articles about modern fascism

With my low prices, I won’t earn money on this.
See prices below.
One-page sites

From $300.
Fast sites without using of standard templates and free CMS. That is wholly "handmade" sites with original design.

Multi-page sites

From $450.
Fast sites of any complexity without using of templates and free CMS, i.e wholly "handmade" websites with original design.

Small web apps

From $750.
Application for 1-2 pages in adaptive layout with the small database and the simple administrative module.

Big web apps

From $1500.
Application of any complexity in adaptive layout with a database and a complex administrative module.

Windows apps

From $300.
Application on Delphi of any complexity and various ways of storing data, including on a remote server.

Cross platform apps

From $750.
Web-based applications that are adequately displayed on all devices, with a variety of data storage methods.

Mobile apps

From $750.
I do it on the basis of a web application, then using Apache Cordova I turn it into an Android or iOS application.

Games and graphics apps

From $1500.
I can do it on the good old Flash, or without it, that is, with using Javascript (and its frameworks) + Php + Html5.

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Ram-virus, punitive pseudo-medicine and world fascism

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Working conditions

I work with rate of 15 dollars per hour of work. In the case of long-term work, I am ready to work for 40 hours a week at a salary of $2500 per month. Also, we can agree on a fixed price project irrespective of the time spent by me in the future. I do not work without deposit. After working off deposit, further payment goes in small parts after the fact, but not less than once a week. For small projects, the deposit is half the cost of the project, the rest is paid after the project is completed. Payment is made only by cash transfers via Western Union or MoneyGram.

Working on projects

Everything in any project, from the beginning to the end, except for a very complex design (or already ready or being in the elaboration by the customer), I categorically prefer to do solely on my own. In view of the great experience in several specialties, I actually work instead two or three people at the same time, and not much slower than this two or three. I have significant experience as a system analyst and higher education in applied mathematics. In view of all this, I can really do very complex projects. And I prefer complex projects.


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Skype: vykhovanets.igor

Note: since I do not have a fixed work schedule tied to a specific time zone, it is preferable to communicate by e-mail.

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