The most difficult intellectual game Quadrotone

The game Quadrotone consists in laying out four-color chips by two opponents on the playing field in order to build one-color patterns, chains of the same color, as well as surrounding by such chains of elements of other colors. The more complex the pattern, the longer the chain, or the more elements are surrounded, the more points you get. Below is a simplified demo of the Quadrotone game.

Clicking on the arrows below will stop the video and allow you to move back and forth through its frames. Click on : will resume the video. Clicking on pauses/unpauses the video.
Initial distribution of chips.
Initial distribution of chips.
Initial distribution of chips.

This game will blow your mind!

Ultimate complexity

This game is much more difficult than all known mind games, including chess and Go. It is so much more difficult that the computer will never beat the master there.

Graceful appearance

Outwardly, the game looks like a four-color children's mosaic. This allows you to abstract from its complexity and have fun.

Intuition growth

In view of the extreme complexity of the game, logic alone is not enough, so it attracts and develops intuition.

More visualization than logic

Since the manifestations of intuition are often figurative, a vivid picture of the game supports the intuition, turning it into a visualization.

Simple interface

The game has a simple interface that works well on mobile platforms as well. It is very simple and convenient to play.

Ease of initial learning

You can master the game very quickly and start playing it right away, since the "mosaic" is something that is easy to master.

Difficulty achieving mastery

Becoming a master at the hardest game is, by definition, not easy. But it is a worthy challenge to your mind and intuition.

Opportunities for endless growth

Due to the complexity of the game, there are a lot of hidden opportunities for exciting games. Harnessing these opportunities is an exciting and long journey.

To play, click on the cube below:

Before starting the game, it is advisable to get acquainted with the Help and the Rules of the game.

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